Making Prints in a Child's Life

Ikidarod is a non-profit organization that is making prints in a child's life.  Through a variety of activities in the community, we as raising awareness of the challenges that some children face in the world today.  Ikidarod wants all children to feel special, regardless of their situation.  At this time, we are focusing on children with special needs, as well as children that have experienced abuse. 

Through fundraisers, community-based activities and presentations, Ikidarod finds smiles and raises money to help expose children to positive, new experiences, as well as get them connected to the help they may need. 

Because we believe that sled dogs are a great way to relate to many people, we create opportunities for making a connection between people and our dogs.
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Christina giving a sled dog ride at Hillberg Ski Area
Another fund raiser from easy-fundraisng-ideas.com
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